Fantasy Club Cricket: Putting the fun back into fundraising

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Fantasy Club Cricket is helping cricket clubs all over the world to raise money, boost the banter and bring a whole new dimension to the cricket season. Last year over 500 clubs signed up raising over £21,000. So what’s all the fuss about?

What is Fantasy Club Cricket?

Fantasy Club Cricket is a website that uses the players from your club to create a fantasy cricket league.

How does Fantasy Club Cricket work?

Once your club has signed up, anyone with the link can create and manage their own Fantasy Club Cricket team. Everyone starts with the same budget and builds their team of amateur superstars – you then score points based on how your players perform in real life. If you take the Play-Cricket upgrade then all points are updated automatically. Completely hassle-free.

Throughout the season you can make transfers, use special ‘chips’ like a Wildcard (lets you make unlimited transfers for one gameweek without a points penalty) and a Triple Captain (your chosen captain scores three times their points total). Player values will rise and fall based on the performances throughout the season.

You can manage, update, edit and customise the whole site to make it your own. Add/edit player names and values, edit the points structure, upload your club’s logo, change colour schemes and manually update points if required. Or you can leave it just the way it is – total control.

How much does it cost?

The Basic Package

£19.99. A one-off fee. No monthly subscriptions.

Managers pick 6 players – no more than x3 batters, x3 bowlers, x2 all-rounders and a compulsory wicketkeeper. Teams must select at least one player in each position. Perfect for smaller cricket clubs that have only one or two teams.

There are a number of upgrades that clubs can opt-in for:

  • Play-Cricket Integration (+£12)

Player points are updated automatically when scorecards are uploaded to, meaning there’s minimal admin and more time to ponder your next transfer. Highly recommended for all clubs.

  • Squad Boost (+£6)

Managers can pick 11 players instead of just 6 – no more than x5 batters, x5 bowlers, x3 all-rounders and a compulsory wicketkeeper. Ideal if you’re a large cricket club with more than two teams.

The Works

£37.99 £32.99. A one-off fee. No monthly subscriptions.

Get the basic package plus Play-Cricket integration and Squad Boost and save £5.

How can Fantasy Club Cricket help my club raise money?

We recommend charging a small fee for each person that enters a team into your league – makes things a little interesting and gives the club’s cash reserves a vital boost! We can even securely look after entry-fee money for you and return it on your request (15% fee applies).

How do I claim my 20% discount?

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To find out more, search ‘Fantasy Club Cricket’ on Google or visit

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