A new chapter for author Neil

When your favourite childhood memories are of playing cricket, writing a book on the subject is child’s play.

And Neil Hanley, 46, of Leighton Buzzard has done just that – Outside Edge is a novel about 12-year-old Lewis Duckworth who’s determined to prove himself to his new school and new team.

Neil said: “Over the years there hasn’t been much written in this genre. In an effort to get more kids interested in cricket, I hope that what I have written is an exciting, fast-moving action story that young cricket fans will enjoy and for those who have not yet engaged in the game, it may pique their interest.”

Neil enjoyed it so much he’s already completed a sequel – Final Chance.

He said: “I spend most of my spare time writing and use a tablet which is always there when inspiration strikes.”

The father-of-two, who works for Milton Keynes council’s community facilities team, comes from a sporty family.

He said: “My dad played football for Crystal Palace in the 1960s and my brother Robin, was a professional at Sussex CCC and spent three years on the circuit.”

Outside Edge is available from Amazon and (as it stands) is currently ranked inside the top 100 for children’s sports books.

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