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Six reasons why cricket is massive in India

Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport in India and the most interesting thing is that for some, it’s a religion and not a sport. Whenever there is a major cricket match in India, everybody stops their business and they all focus on the game. 

Walking on the streets, you’ll see so many children and young adults playing cricket. It is something that unites the country like nothing else.

But why is it that the Indians love cricket so much?

  1. Simplicity

Cricket is a sport that is less technical. With minimal training, you’re good to go. With a bat and a ball, you only need two players and the game is on. You don’t even require too much space; it can be played in congested streets – no wonder children play it so comfortably in the busy streets of India.

The India national cricket team travel to Australia in October for their first action since March, playing the first of a three-match T20 series at the Gabba on October 11.

It will be the first match India play after the retirement of legend MS Dhoni from all forms of international cricket.

While in this place, if you don’t have something to do, you’ll find yourself immersed in it. 

  1. Infrastructure

Apart from the sport being played from anywhere, India has invested in coaching centers where all people both kids and adults can practice. Again, every state or territory in India has a big cricket stadium.

 Compared to the FIFA and Astroturf’s accredited stadiums in India, cricket seems to dominate and the government is seemingly obsessed with making it even better. The budget that goes to cricket every year is a reason enough to believe that it is a treasured sport. 

  1. The physical attributes of India

Other sports like hockey and football require significant physical strength and other attributes which are not so common among the Indian population. The genetics of this country are a major contributing factor to the preferred type of sports in this country. With most of the sports being tough to play, majority of the population ion this place opt for cricket and in this one, they have a name. 

  1. Money

The cricket sport means a lot for the Indians. Almost the entire population seems to benefit from this sport. If you’re not in the field playing, then there are betting sites where one can earn money from. For instance when there are big tournaments, masses flock betting sites to wager on their favorite teams. 

Again cricketers in this country are paid so well. Those who pay for the main teams live a flamboyant lifestyle and can afford things that others in other sports don’t. That explains why many of those who want to turn sports into professional career choose cricket. 

  1. Successful cricketers

India has produced so many world-class cricketers and these are a source of inspiration. So many cricket athletes have emerged from this country and that is the main reason why most people who have interests in sports would most likely choose cricket.

  1. Cricket is a pillar of the Indian economy

The cricket board of India (BCCI) is one of the richest in the world and it pays a lot of money to cricketers. The government makes a lot of money through cricket and BCCI receives lots of funding from sponsors and that makes the sport attractive. 

The stability of the cricket board in India and financing has made cricket the game of the country. With so many success stories internationally, many Indians have this sport as their favorite. Read more Baazi King – Cricket News and get amazing stories about cricket in India.

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