Final Over – Danielle Wyatt

On the Spot
D.O.B: 22/04/91
Marital Status: Single.

The Last…
Bat you bought/used? I use Shark bats, it’s amazing and I’ve used it for the last three years and it’s served me well.
CD you bought? Probably something like Now That’s What I Call Music 70. I don’t buy a lot of CD’s and it has been a while since I last bought one but it definitely would have been some kind of compilation CD.
Five-wicket haul or century? A century for Nottinghamshire against Yorkshire in the Royal London Cup last summer. It was the last game of the season and it was an amazing feeling.
Injury? I’ve not had an injury yet in my career, touch wood. But, I fell out of a tree once when I was ten and that ended with a trip to the hospital.
Trophy you won? That would have been the recent series on tour against New Zealand.

The Jury’s Out
Tea or Coffee? Tea, all the way. I absolutely hate coffee, I tried to get into it but I just can’t.
Beans on toast or pasta? Beans on toast with brown sauce is a definite winner.
Romantic Caribbean holiday or Magaluf with the girls? For me I’d go for the holiday in the Caribbean. I just don’t think I’d last one night on holiday with the girls.
Red or white wine? White wine, I don’t know why I prefer it but I just do. I don’t have a clue about wine, however, so wouldn’t be able to tell you what my favourite kind was.
50-over, t20 or County Championship? t20, it’s a faster pace so it’s more entertaining and just more exciting overall.

Time added on…
Who did you support as a girl? I never really had a cricket team growing up but in football I supported Port Vale because they’re my local team.
Best coach you have ever played with? Steve Wyatt, my dad. He had such a massive influence on me as a cricketer when I was young.
Messiest player in the dressing room? Charlotte Edwards. She may be the skipper, but, trust me, she manages to leave her stuff everywhere.
The most nervous when next into bat? Katherine Brunt, I just try and talk to her and take her mind off cricket to calm her down but really she’s not too bad, no one in the team gets too nervous.
Person to avoid after being dismissed? Charlotte Edwards can get quite annoyed when she’s out but to be honest everyone’s quite calm really.
One rule you could change? Something fun, like if you run faster then your runs should count more or if a fan catches the ball in the stand then it still counts as out.
Three words to describe yourself? Crazy, intelligent and classy.
Which TV pundit makes you cringe and which do you really listen to? No one really makes me cringe but I listen to Darren Gough. He has some good things to say, he’s been there and done that and has a lot of experience.
Do you have any superstitions? Not really, I just try and focus on my cricket when I’m playing and don’t want to let anything distract me.
What are your hobbies? Cooking, I love making chili chicken and any type of curry. I really love baking as well. I also try and take my dog for a walk at least three times a week.
Five people you’d invite round for a dinner party? They would have to be David Beckham, Rihanna, my Nana Baggaley, my England teammate Sonia Odedra and Leonardo Di Caprio, I absolutely love him. This would be amazing, I want it to happen.

And finally:
Who is the worst dressed with England? Well, Heather Knight for sure. She wears a lot of flowery numbers and tries to look cool by wearing caps but doesn’t quite pull it off.

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