5 reasons why cricket SRL is popular

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Around the world, there are several matches where national teams compete in thrilling and exciting matches. Each match has showcased a great display of athleticism and sportsmanship from all the teams and athletes.

Aside from watching matches, there are also lots of fans who place bets for their anticipated matches. These betting activities don’t just give them the satisfaction of knowing that their predictions are right. Rather, it also allows them to win profits with their bets.

Due to the pandemic, countless matches were postponed or cancelled for everyone’s safety. However, technology introduced sports fans to a way that allows them to enjoy the same thrill of the sports they love. This is called the Simulated Reality League or SRL.

SRLs are the virtual simulations of actual sporting events or leagues. These became highly popular among cricket fans as they discovered that they can place SRL bets on their preferred sportsbooks. There, they can base off their predictions by checking the SRL livescore or the odds presented to them. Here are reasons why they are so popular today.

They are based on real information

SRL uses a special technology that can simulate real-life events. To make it possible, they use special algorithms that collect data from the past 500 games. Among the pieces of information they get are the vital statistics of players and their playing histories.

This makes the odds more believable since they are based on real pieces of information. With that, betting for SRL matches will feel like betting for actual matches.

They are simulations of real league events

As simulations of popular cricket league events, fans no longer have to wait for their favourite leagues to be launched. Whereas cricket league events take place about 2 months per year, SRL matches can be held even when it’s the off-season. This allows fans to continue rooting for their favourites even when they’re simply online.

They happen in real-time

SRL matches take place in real-time. To make it even more interesting, the matches are held in simulated stadiums where the climate also affects the flow of the game. This means that the spectating experience feels as real as possible!       

They offer different markets

Since betting is possible for SRL matches, players are given the chance to place bets for the simulated versions of their favourite athletes. Upon scrolling through online sportsbooks that offer cricket SRL betting, one will see that there are also several matches that they can bet on. Usually, these are similar to the markets offered for regular cricket matches.

Aside from having several available betting markets, what players love most is that they can also vary their bets. Although this may depend on what site fans may choose, fans can either place pre-match or live bets.

They cover the different formats of cricket

Another great thing that fans love about SRL cricket matches is that they cover the different formats of cricket. Given the uniqueness of the sport, SRL developers made sure that there were matches to be held across the three major formats of cricket.

This makes it more realistic and appealing to fans as players can perform differently among Twenty20 matches (T20s), One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Tests.

These are just some of the reasons why there are a lot of people fascinated with SRL cricket betting. If you are looking forward to trying it, we highly suggest learning how to do it and where you can check the SRL livescore for your reference. By doing this, you will surely have a great SRL cricket betting experience online! 

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