Cricket betting mistakes to avoid

Betting on cricket matches can be very exciting and rewarding too; however, just like any gambling activity, people are prone to making some mistakes that they must guard against in advance.

Regardless of whether you bet rarely and/or casually, or are someone who wants to make a living from it, the more you learn about the sport, the lesser errors you will make while wagering money on it. This applies to all the sports, whether it is cricket betting, table tennis betting, golf betting or betting on any other sport. Keeping this in mind, let’s go over some of the cricket betting mistakes you’d be better off avoiding.

Placing blind bets

If you watch cricket regularly, you’d be aware that there are different formats of the game. You should learn about each one of them before putting money on any. For instance, T20 cricket format is quite different from ODI, which in turn is nothing like test cricket which is usually played over 5 days. A cricket team might be good in one format, but not so much in the other. Check the type of cricket match you’d be betting on and then place your wagers accordingly.

Not doing enough research

No matter which sport you bet on, you shouldn’t do it without carrying ample research. The more you learn about the teams, players, coaches, home ground advantage, last 5 games’ statistics etc., the better will be your chances of scoring the winning bet. You should also be aware if there are any changes in the team line-up or injury concerns, which can affect the morale of the team. Keep a constant tab on cricket-related news on popular news websites like BBC, The Guardian etc.

Going with the gut feel

While this isn’t always wrong, you can’t expect your gut to always point you towards a massive win. Do that and you might end up with empty pockets each time!

As highlighted above, money should be wagered only after carrying out ample research. And if you’re keen on trusting your gut, don’t trust it with huge sums of money. Going against the odds normally doesn’t pay off very well most of the times. Hence, weigh the risks before going ahead with such bets.

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Chasing betting losses

Like some other cricket betting mistakes, this one’s
applicable to all forms of gambling too. It’s important to remember that wins
and losses are part of sports betting. Betting huge sums with the hope of
recovering lost money doesn’t pay off very well. In majority of the cases, the
punter ends up losing it all. Set a betting limit for yourself and once that is
crossed, just get up and don’t indulge any more.

Blindly trusting new strategies

Many punters blindly trust the evolving cricket
betting strategies, not recognising that the older strategies have been tried
and tested extensively and have been proven to work. There is a reason why
certain betting theories are strategies have been around for several years.
It’s important to not waste money by paying hefty sums to tipsters. Rather you
should develop your own cricket betting skills and hone them by betting limited
sums on a regular basis.

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