Australia cricket team will tour Pakistan for the first time in 24 years. Here’s why it’s a huge step

The Australia’s men’s cricket team are gearing up to tour Pakistan for the first time since 1998. Australia last played in Pakistan when former Cricketer, Mark Taylor achieved a hit in Peshawar in the same 1998.They are set to be playing a series of three Test matches, three one-day internationals and a T20 international game scheduled for March and April 2022.

These Tests will be part of the ICC World Test Championship. These will take place in Rawalpindi, Karachi and Lahore, in Pakistan. These matches will be taking place overseas for Australia since the Ashes took place in 2019. At times, getting the series agreed seemed as difficult and distant as completing some of the most difficult games at Vera and John.

This announcement is a huge step in the right direction for Pakistan. It comes after New Zealand and England decided to cancel their tours in September citing that they had security concerns. A number of International cricket teams have refused to tour Pakistan since there was an attack on the Sri Lankan teams bus in Lahore in 2009. This unfortunate incident, killed six policemen and two civilians. Most matches have been played in the United Arab Emirates due to these security concerns.

Nick Hockley, the Cricket Australia Chief Executive has stated and thanked Pakistan for its “considerable efforts” in how they have planned the tour. He expressed that the logistics, operations, security and COVID-19 protocols would be finalized and planned out over the coming months.

Hockley, went on further to state, “The safety and welfare of our players and staff remains our number one priority”. The West Indies will also take part in touring Pakistan in the month of December. They will be playing three T20s and three ODIs.

International cricket returned to Pakistan gradually in recent years for the first time. Australia has been very persistent that they want to tour Pakistan. This would be the biggest step towards a return to the country and restoring relations with the country. The safety and wellbeing of players and staff are a number one priority to the Australian team heads.

The tour of Pakistan will no doubt come as a shock to many; especially other teams in the industry. It is front and centre in some talks. Australia is expected to speak and reach out to New Zealand officials about their withdrawal. Hopefully convince them that this move is worthwhile.

Australia is already in touch with all the other member countries. Hockley ensures that they are all working to make sure international cricket continues to thrive. We’ll work over the next three months. A lot of work is going to go into making the tour a great success. Pakistan and Australia will make sure all the plans are in place. The goal is to make sure everyone in attendance is safe.

Pakistan has conveyed that with Australia heading to their country, it will be a great opportunity for the Australia cricketers. They will be able to play at their iconic venues. The Pakistan team will be overjoyed and respected. A lot of love awaits the international teams; as well as great hospitality. Other international teams might just change their minds and decide to play in Pakistan after all.

The first Test match will take place on March 3 in Karachi, the second one on March 12th in Rawalpindi. The third match was on March 21 in Lahore. These back to back matches will be very exciting.

The city of Lahore in Pakistan will host the three One-Day Internationals. Fans should look out for the matches the 29th of March, the 31st  and April 2nd. The teams will be facing their destinies on these dates. The Twenty20 International will be held on April 5, in Lahore as well.

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