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The Most Anticipated Pro Cricket Matches in Future Weeks and Months

Cricket, commonly known as the Gentleman’s game, is now a popular game in England and globally. Besides attracting a huge audience, the game also brings many lucrative opportunities for players, gamblers, and investors. In this article, we explore the most anticipated professional ticket matches coming up.

Professional Cricket Matches and Test Series

It’s actually quite surprising the sport has not made its way to the Olympics yet seeing that the bat-and-ball game is among the most exciting games to watch and bet on. Cricket fans have something to rejoice about as the test series and T20Is are about to begin. The most popular cricket betting sites all across the world are getting lucrative odds and promotions in line as these events unfold:

The Pataudi Trophy, 2021

The Pataudi Trophy is usually awarded to the winner of the Test series between England and India. Cricket fans first saw the series in 2007 as it marked 75 years since the two countries played their first test match. This trophy is named after the famous Pataudi cricketing family. This year, the games will be played in England starting from 4th August to 14th September.

• England vs India, 1st Test, 4th to 8th August at Trent Bridge, Nottingham
• England vs India, 2nd Test, 12th to 16th August at Lord’s, London
• England vs India, 3rd Test, 25th to 29th August at Headingley, Leeds
• England vs India, 4th Test, 2nd to 6th September at The Oval, London
• England vs India, 5th Test, 10th to 14th September at Old Trafford, Manchester

England in Pakistan, 2 T201 Series, 2021

There will be two test games played in this series Between England and Pakistan. These two are strong teams, and cricket fans can’t wait to see the winners.

• Pakistan Vs. England, 1st T201, 14th October at the National Stadium, Karachi
• Pakistan Vs. England 2nd T201, 15th October at the National Stadium, Karachi

The Ashes, 2021/2022

The Ashes is a unique series of matches between England and Australia. It is among the longest cricket enmities in the Gentleman’s game. These two teams meet once every two years and compete for the trophy, which is in the form of a small ashes urn. This year, the series will be in England and will stretch into 2022.

• Australia vs England, 1s Test, 8th to 12th December at Brisbane Cricket Ground(Woolloongabba), Brisbane
• Australia vs England, 2nd Test, 16th to 20th December at Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
• Australia vs England, 3rd Test, 26th to 30th December, Melbourne Cricket Ground(MCG), Melbourne
• Australia vs England, 4th Test, 5th to 9th January, 2022Sydney Cricket Ground(SCG), Sydney
• Australia vs England, 5th Test, 14th to 18th January 2022 at the WACA Ground, Perth

The Wisden Trophy, 5 T201 Series, 2022

This is the trophy awarded to the winner of a series of test cricket matches between West Indies and England. First played in 1963, the series is among the most sought after cricket trophies. The two teams have shown resilience and their best sides. While we still don’t have the precise location for the matches, fans can’t wait for the games in 2022.

• West Indies vs England, 1st T201, 28th January 2022
• West Indies vs England, 2nd T201, 30th January 2022
• West Indies vs England, 3rd T201, 2nd February 2022
• West Indies vs England, 4th T201, 4th February 2022
• West Indies vs England, 5th T201, 5th February 2022

The Trans-Tasman Trophy, 3 ODI Series, 2022

This is a series of test cricket matches played by Australia and New Zealand as they contend for the trophy. Fans can tell you that the two teams have a tough history, with the most memorable one being in 1985. This was a series win that New Zealand will never forget. During this tour, New Zealand won against Australia while in NZ. It is their only success in Australia up to date. The series match is expected to begin on 30th January 2022, and fans can’t wait for the outcome.

• Australia vs New Zealand, 1st ODI, 30th January at WACA Ground, Perth
• Australia vs New Zealand, 2nd ODI, 2nd February at Bellerive Oval, Hobart
• Australia vs New Zealand, 3rd ODI, 5th February at Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

New Zealand in Australia, Only T20 International, 2022

On 8th February, New Zealand will then go to Australia for a one-off international T201. The match will be played at Manuka Oval, Canberra.

The Warne-Muralidharan Trophy, 5 T201 Series, 2022

The trophy is played between Australia and Sri Lanka. It is named after two of the greatest cricket spinners; Shane Warne and Muralidharan. Before the teams started in 2007 and 2008 professionally, the teams had played for eighteen tests. In all these tests, Australia had won 11 of them, Sri Lanka won one, and six of them ended in a draw. While Australia has won more times, the test series will be different in 2022 as both prepare to battle for the Warne- Muralidharan title.

• Australia vs Sri Lanka, 1st T201, 11th February, Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
• Australia vs Sri Lanka, 2nd T201, 13th February, Brisbane Cricket Ground, (Woolloongabba), Brisbane
• Australia vs Sri Lanka, 3rd T201, 15th February, Carrara Oval, Carrara
• Australia vs Sri Lanka, 4th T201, 18th February, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
• Australia vs Sri Lanka, 5th T201, 20th February, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

The Richards-Botham Trophy, 2022

West Indies and England contend for the Richards-Botham trophy. While the location for the three test matches is pending, all of them will feature between 8th March and 28th March in 2022. We can’t wait to see how West Indies performs at home.

• West Indies vs England, 1st Test, 8th to 12th March 2022
• West Indies vs England, 2nd Test, 16th to 20th March 2022
• West Indies vs England, 3rd Test, 24th to 28th March 2022


Cricket is a hugely popular game today globally, with thousands of players and millions of fans for the international professional series. With all the series stretched out from August 2021 to 2022, cricket fans have a lot to anticipate for.

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