International one-day cricket set for new league set-up

International one day cricket could be a completely different scenario in three years time with the ICC proposing a new format.

The plans, which will be discussed at the ICC’s upcoming annual general meeting, will see a new league of 13 nations with the top two teams playing off in a final. Teams would play a three-match series against every other, totalling 36 ODI’s each over a three-year basis.

Qualification and seeding would be determined through the league with the side that finished bottom relegated to the World Cricket League Championship.

Afghanistan, Ireland and Scotland could be included in the league as the ICC looks to widen the number of elite teams.

It doesn’t mean the end for other ODIs wither with teams free to organise extra matches but these would not count towards the league.

The AGM is also expected to rubber stamp proposals for a World Twenty20 to be held every two years from 2018.

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