Katherine Brunt

England Women’s team return to training

Sports in general have been up in the air in recent times, but certain sectors have opted to decide upon and announce return dates. When it comes to the England women’s cricket team, training is set to recommence for them on Monday, June 22. With the announcement of such, hope remains in place for the women’s players to salvage what is left of their international season in the summer months.

That’s quite the parallel to earlier on this month, when it
was feared that women’s cricket may not proceed at all for the remainder of
2020. According to a report, Clare Connor had noted that the men’s international
game “had to take priority”, due to the fact that £280 million worth of
broadcasting deals depended on such.

Thursday, June 11 saw the men return to their training
grounds, with an aim to commence gameplay again on July 8. And now it’s the women’s
turn to resume training, with June 22 marking their first formal, in-person
training session since they exited
the T20 World Cup in the semi-finals following an unplayed match against India
who advanced due to finishing at the top of Group A.

New plans are currently trying to be formulated by the ECB
in order to organise dates for England’s women’s cricket this year, with Cricket
in India and Cricket South Africa. The South Africa series, which features four
one-day internationals and two T20s, has the potential to proceed on at
current, as it’s due to begin on September 1.

Looking Forward to More Women’s Cricketing Games

With the announcement of the training date for the England
women’s cricket team, a welcome back to some sort of normal form has been
brought into place. Women’s domestic cricket may not currently have any
competition within the calendar, so the possibility of international dates is a
cause for excitement. Both men’s and women’s domestic cricket restart dates
have been pushed back until at least August 1 of 2020. However, the Hundreds were cancelled
in April
, so the chances of there being a domestic women’s competition
taking place this year completely rests on the new regional format. There are
no formal plans in place where this is concerned just yet, though.

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Whatever the case may be, the return to training and
competitions for both men’s and women’s cricket is welcomed by fans around the
world. The hope is that plenty of cricket gameplay will be able to proceed this
year and on into 2021 as well.

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