Cricket influences span real and gaming worlds

Most cricket fans know that their beloved game dates back centuries, with the earliest references to it found as far back as the mid-1500s in the British Empire. Its popularity grew profoundly in the late 1800s and even more so in the late 1900s and into the 2000s when radios and televisions were able to broadcast games more widely. What started as a children’s game in England is now popular with all ages and in more than 105 countries and nations.

With such a lengthy history, it is no surprise that cricket influenced other games as it developed and matured in its own right.

Most prominently, modern-day football got its start in England in the 1800s during the winter months when cricket was out of season. The players’ efforts to stay in shape led them to play what is now called association football. Cricket players in Australia also became skilled at Australian-rules football and often competed in both sports.

Unsurprisingly, cricket is the primary influence of baseball. The scorecard and many cricket rules were adapted to cater to baseball when the game originated and then grew in popularity to become the favorite sport for decades in North America.

For many centuries, the only way cricket fans could play the game was in their own backyards or neighborhood fields. But with the development of technology in recent decades, cricket has come to life in the world of games and gaming, and people of all ages and physical aptitudes can compete on electronic devices.

Video games have tried to deliver the cricket gaming experience to fans for many years, finally seeming to get it right with Don Bradman Cricket for Xbox and PlayStation systems. So many updates and reiterations of the game have been released that it the 17th edition is the current one, but this information could be incorrect as soon as the next version is ready.

Online games truly brought cricket into millions more homes, however, as it became available on computers and now mobile devices as well. Games like Cricket Master Blaster, IPL Cricket Ultimate, Gully Cricket, and Cricket Challenge have paved the way for many variations. Ashes 2 Ashes Zombie Cricket may be the most unique of all.

Social gaming on platforms like Facebook has dipped its toes into the cricket world with games like World Cricket Battle and Pixel Cricket. Players on iOS and Android mobile devices can also find apps like Cricket Lover and Real Cricket in their respective app stores. But it wasn’t until recently that the online casino world developed a top-notch virtual cricket slot machine. Cricket Star Slot was created by Microgaming and uses everything from Wild Wickets to Rolling Reels to bring the historic sport to the world of slots.

Slot games such as Cricket Star Slot may feature some aspects of the game for casino players, but the majority of adult fans simply enjoy watching the games or betting on them. Cricket comprises 12% of the $3 trillion global betting market, showing its impact on the larger sports world.

No matter how cricket fans can do it, they will keep finding new ways to watch, play, and bet on cricket, taking it off the field and into people’s homes and ensuring the historic games lives on for many years to come.

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