ICA Academy launching this weekend

The International Cricketers Association is proud to announce the launch of the ICA Academy at Venue 360 in Luton on Sunday 5 March 2017.

Derek Pringle and Sajid Mahmood, England former players will attend the opening and lend their extensive expertise.

The Academy’s intake will comprise 20 gifted cricketers aged between 16-24 starting in the Bedforshire area. They will, over the course of the year, receive a series of coaching courses with the aim of improving them as cricketers to help them towards their dream of becoming a professional cricketer. Our goal is to give players exposure to clubs, minor counties, counties and T20 Leagues around the world.

Some of those courses will include masterclasses from some of the greats of the game. The experience and expertise of such players is a rare and valuable commodity from which the intake can only benefit.

The Academy will field its own side during the summer and play matches against local teams. There will also be opportunities to play against other cricket academies around the world, broadening experience and extending skills from a wide set of conditions.

Learning has to be done on the field as well as in the class room, practical as well as theoretical. Our aim is to offer a broad and deep cricketing education that will enhance the career prospects of all those who take part.

Working together with our excellent coaches, we hope to produce happy, talented and respectful cricketers, who do justice not only to themselves but the game as well.

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