Latest Cricket Facts That Will Make You Go “WOAH!”

There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Yes, there are hundreds of other sports to be interested in but when it comes to cricket, it’s different and it’s something you can’t stop. It’s a sport that’s not only loved and celebrated but in some countries, people worship it!

Now if you are here, it’s obvious that you are a one big-time cricket fan who might even be searching for the best betting apps to bet on different cricket matches. If so, you’ve landed just on the right place because today we are going to jot down some of the most interesting cricket facts to know in 2020.

1-Ladies First

It might appear shocking to you that the first women’s world cup was conducted (in 1973) two years before the first men’s world cup that was held in 1975. A lot of people don’t know this fact and some think that the concept of women’s cricket is all new and recently introduced. However, the reality is different and ladies were the first to hold a cricket world cup.

2-No Footage Even with A Great Innings

In the 1983’s world cup, Kapil Dev was the one who scored 175* against Zimbabwe but it wasn’t recorded because all the broadcasters of that time were on a strike. In other words, it was a one huge victory that no one witnessed other than those who were present at the stadium at that time.

3-When The Wicketkeepers Bowled

Ever heard of wicket keepers bowling in a cricket match? Of course not but this happened in Johannesburg on the first test of 2013-14. The two wicket keepers to bowl were MS Dhoni and AB De Villiers. They both bowled in the same test.

4-Giving 76 Extras

Pakistan was the first to give 76 extras against India in the year 2007 in the Bangalore test. According to what happened, they gave 35 byes, 15 no balls and 26 leg byes which made a total of 76 extras.

5-17 ball over

In 2004, Pakistani bowler Muhammad Samo bowled 17 balls in an over. This happened in the Asia Cup.

6-Sachin Tendulkar Playing for Pakistan

This might be one of the most shocking facts for you that Sachin Tendular was first a part of the Pakistani cricket team before he made his debut in the Indian cricket team in 1989. There was a practice match between Pakistan and India in 1987 at the Brabourne Stadium where Tendulkar fielded for Pakistan.

These are just some interesting facts that most of the people out there don’t know about. Cricket has been a part of our lives for decades now and it has a long history. So if you dig a little deeper, you’ll definitely find more shocking facts that no one ever knew earlier.

Now that you know these interesting facts, it’s time to share them with your friends and family who are die hard cricket fans just like you.

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