Innovations in Cricket Betting in the Last Decade

Advancements in technology have transformed almost every other industry across the world. And the online betting sector is no exception. Recent developments in technology have helped the gaming sector, in particular, cricket betting to thrive.

Given that punters can now access different sporting activities and events from wherever they are is no mean feat.Technology has evolved to a point where it directly makes cricket better. The innovations have been many.

Below are some of the top advancements that the world of cricket betting has experienced in the last 10 years.

Matched and Live Betting

Innovations as a result of developments in technology have had an impact in the manner in which punters interact with their favourite cricket teams and players, from contemporary viewing to online betting.

Being able to place cricket bets online is particularly interesting in that recent innovations have facilitated the development of live or in-play markets. This enables punters to use technology like sophisticated mobile applications to place bets as the action unfolds.

Additional phenomenon’s like matched betting that makes use of technology-powered tools to deliver risk-free cricket betting have no doubt made betting on cricket more enjoyable. Matched betting has revolutionized the way cricket betting lovers place bets on the sport.

Touching more on in-play live betting, this advancement allows bettors to place live wagers on different cricket events, creating a more engaging experience for individuals who love to bet while a game is ongoing.

Mobile Betting

Previously, you had to visit a physical bookmaker and maybe wait in line to place bets. Nowadays, thanks to ever-evolving technology, you can wager online anytime. And here is the awesome sauce; you can bet on your favourite cricket team or player on your mobile phone.

Most bookmakers support multiple operating systems, so whether you are using a phone powered by Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows, you can access your sportsbook wherever you are, whenever you wish.

Mobile betting makes it easier for you to find time to analyse odds and lines and place your bets. You can do this anytime you have free time, for example, on your way home, during lunch break and so forth. Ultimately, you can place more bets.

With that in mind, few betting innovations beat mobile betting. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and you can bet on cricket and other sports wherever you are. Check out for the best mobile betting sites. Also, claim bonuses to place you first few bets free of charge.

Development of Mobile Apps

Mobile betting is one of the innovations that cricket betting as experienced. Related to mobile betting is the development of mobile apps. The apps are great in the sense that they enable you to stay informed about everything related to cricket.

You can never miss out on all the happenings around the globe provided you have these sports betting apps, more so those with information about cricket. Through them, you can view the scores and real-time stats and updates. 

Some of the apps offer you betting tips from experienced cricket professionals.  This is the reason that we maintain the inclusion of mobile devices into cricket betting is among the greatest inventions in the industry.

Time is Money

One of the greatest innovations so far is the introduction of online betting. Placing bets online helps you save your precious time unlike in the past where you had to spare time to visit a brick and mortar bookmaker.

Innovation has even made the process easy and fast. It will only take you a couple of minutes to analyze the betting options provided by your bookmaker and then place your bets. Once the match is over and your predictions are correct, your money is sent to you in minutes.

Odds Comparison

Today, you can compare odds before placing your bets. Online sportsbooks have a section with all the odds they are offering for specific outcomes. From here, you can make comparisons and the good thing with this is that it ensures you get to choose the best odds.

You are also able to make informed decisions, since to some extent, the odds placed on each outcome act as a guideline of the possible result. For instance, operators will place high odds on them team they are almost certain will lose and low ones on the one they predict will win.

Multiple Bet Types

Another notable innovation in cricket betting is the addition of more betting options. Nowadays, you have access to a broad variety of bet types including partnerships, toss combination, win toss, team innings runs and so forth.

Most bookmakers allow you to place more than one bet type at once, which means you are able to spread your risks. This also adds a thrill to your betting as you anticipate the outcome of each bet you place.

Fast Payments

The list would be incomplete without the mention of this innovation. Technology has made making payments easier and faster than it was 10 years back. With the availability of many banking options, you can easily fund your betting account within minutes.

Unlike before when bettors were limited to a few options, today you have a number at your disposal. You no longer have to rely solely on MasterCard and VISA, which were widely used back then. You can also make deposits through your mobile phone.

The Future of Cricket Betting

Technology is ever-evolving, meaning that you can expect even greater innovations in cricket betting in the coming years. So far, innovation has transformed cricket betting by enabling you to place bets on your mobile and offering you plenty of betting lines and odds.

The numbers of betting options have also increased and going into the future, you can expect the addition of more options. In essence, the introduction of these innovations has given you more power when it comes to betting on cricket in your favourite sportsbook.

You can effectively do so much on your own without relying on land-based bookmakers. Bookmakers can’t also lie to you about the outcome of the match since, with online betting, you can follow every action has it unfolds.

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