How to Play Cricket from Scratch: The Basic Rules for Kids and Beginners

In Australia, cricket is a favourite pastime that is not only sociable and fun but also loved and played by the majority of the Aussies. It is enjoyed by adults and children alike and is straightforward to learn. In fact, it is an avenue for children to get together and have fun. So, if you need the best sport for your kids, consider cricket.

Also, if you know the dynamics of cricket as an adult, an added advantage is that you can record many wins during cricket betting on sites like Sportsbet. And this article is all about the basics of cricket, including the tips that will help kids or beginners who are looking to learn more about the game. Below are the fundamental rules of cricket.

Cricket Basic Rules 

  • Two teams of eleven players each play the game of cricket. But the teams of eight players each may apply in junior games.
  • A minimum of one innings is done in a game. Here, both teams do batting and bowling/fielding in turns.
  • A bowler from the fielding team bowls the ball to the batsmen. The batsmen, in turn, try to use their bat to hit the ball. And the fielding team attempts to get the batsmen out in the following ways:

·         Fully catching the shot of a batsman

·         Hitting wickets with the ball during fielding

·         Hitting the leg of the batsman in front of the wicket

·         Hitting wickets before the batsman get to the other end of the pitch

  • The batsmen try to get as many runs as they can before they get out by:

·         Hitting the ball to the boundary along the ground. This is regarded as four runs.

·        Hitting the ball, running in between wickets, and reaching the other end before the fielders are able to hit the wickets.

·         Thirdly, by hitting the ball over the boundary on the full. This is regarded as six runs.

Ten batsmen must be gotten out by the fielding team before both teams can switch sides. The game is aimed at getting as many runs as possible before the fielding team hits up to ten wickets. The team with the highest number of runs wins the game.

Basic Skills for Cricket

When the child or beginner has fundamental skills and understanding of the game, it’ll boost their confidence, improve their levels of participation, and help them pick up faster. Here are some basic skills needed for the game of cricket:

·         Being able to throw and catch a ball

·         Knowing how to bat and Bowl

·         Good coordination of hand/eye.

·         Being able to concentrate for long time intervals

While the ability to concentrate well is developed and mastered with time, some exercises can help to harness the other skills mentioned above. They can be learned in cricket coaching camps or be practiced at home.

Final Thoughts

Most of the schools in Australia include the game in the curriculum of their physical education. You can find people playing it for leisure in both the cities and suburbs. It helps people stay active and is worth every second spent on it, in case you have doubts about it. The exercises attached are easy to do with minimal supervision. So, it’s not time-consuming too. Decide to learn cricket and also teach your kids today. Also, follow cricket news to stay updated on the Industry.

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