Best Self-Study Courses, Tools, and Guides for ISC2 CISSP Certification


During several recent
years, IT certifications have become not just a good addition to CV but a
necessity, and to earn any of them, the applicant must pass one or several
tests. But the constant question is how to prepare for these exams with less
effort and high effectiveness.

If you are busy and finding
time to enroll in a formal course is a challenge, then
self-study is for you. This method is important in enhancing a great learning
experience and it ensures that you
are not constrained by time or location. However, it can only work if you have the right study

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a list of
self-study materials for offered by ISC2 which will make you a demanded professional
in the sphere of security. And first, let’s remember the details of the CISSP

CISSP Certification

The ISC2 CISSP badge
is awarded to professionals who have exhibited an ability to find solutions for security challenges in the IT
world. These specialists are usually
familiar with common threats that can affect information systems and have all the skills to neutralize the effect of those threats.

To earn this
certification, you need to ace
Certbolt ISC CISSP
. If you take this test
in English, you’re going to face 100-150 complex innovative as well as multiple
choice questions to be answered in 3 hours. For
the non-English assessment, candidates will
have six hours to complete 250 tasks. In both cases, you
have to gain a passing mark of 700 out of 1000.

To get such a score,
you need to thoroughly study the eight
domains involved. This amount of information can be quite challenging to grasp on your own if you don’t have a
proper plan and right materials.

Tools, Courses, and Guides for CISSP

Study guides make self-study enjoyable. It is
mostly suitable for busy professionals who may not find time outside of their
work schedules to sign up for a formal course. Here are the study tools,
courses, and guides you can use to prepare for and earn the Visit Certbolt – Site :

  • Self-paced review course

This is a free official
course giving you the ability
to determine their readiness for the test. It covers
all the study areas that you need to know. Apart from the clear coverage of subjects,
you will also encounter over 100 sample questions.
This will allow you to evaluate yourself and check for any knowledge gaps.

  • Official flashcards

If you wish to learn in an
interactive, more interesting way, then using flashcards
is the best solution! You can utilize
these tools anywhere and anytime. They are absolutely free and have been
specially designed to check if you are familiar with industry terms. And with
the immediate feedback you receive regarding the answer you choose, learning can
only be more exciting!

  • CISSP study and testing apps

These are other great resources to study for your certification exam. The study apps follow the content of the official and also comprise practice tests and flashcards. Using them, you can
also utilize an exam builder to customize your quick tests to take
when you have a very short time for assessing

  • Official CISSP CBK study guide

This guide
covers the latest requirements of CISSP CBK (Common
Body of Knowledge). Its content has been designed by Chapple M. and other
security experts and includes a practical
approach to understanding the topics.
Candidates who purchase this book will also experience the meaning of using Sybex interactive
online study environment.

  • Official CISSP CBK reference guide

This reference
book written by John Warsinske and 10 more professionals is an authoritative resource for those whose work is to design, engineer, implement, and
manage information security environments as well as protect them from sophisticated attacks. The book involves all the eight domains required and provides the much-needed depth also preparing you for performing your tasks in the workplace.

  • Eleventh Hour CISSP study guide

Eric Conrad and his
colleagues included only updated content in this book which
makes it suitable for the latest
CISSP exam version. It comprehensively presents the core information on the
certification and is ideal for last-minute prep. All the tested areas are fully covered with
highlights on key concepts.

  • CISSP study guide

This is one more book by Eric Conrad, it is
divided into eight chapters each representing one of the exam domains. When studying, you will also come across unique
terms and definitions s well as hands-on

  • CISSP for Dummies (Lawrence C. Miller)

This CISSP guide
provides extensive content with key information on how to pass the
certification exam. With its expertly prepared content and advice, this book is a perfect tool for learning. It includes detailed coverage of the eight domains and tips on how you can set up a workable
study plan. Through this guide, you will also
access exam-taking clues and an online testing bank with
questions visit .

  • CISSP practice tests compiled by M. Chapple

This book
provides the official CISSP mock tests that
include 1300 questions. The items included
comprehensively cover the required topics and
align with the latest exam version to enable you to prepare adequately for the CISSP assessment.


Whether you are refreshing your information
security knowledge or are starting out, self-learning can be the best way to
pursue your CISSP certification. This is because it is worthwhile, convenient,
and affordable. So, if you intend to the CISSP badge and you are wondering if
you can find a flexible self-study method,
then this post sorts you. In this age of technology-enabled exam preparation, no one has an excuse. Take advantage of the
opportunities provided by the mentioned tools
and guides and master all you need for your credential.

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