Ten cricket rules you should know

tell you the truth, watching cricket can be a trying experience if you aren’t
well aware of the rules of the cricket field or the game in general. Yes, it is
a game of a ball and bat, but it isn’t as simple as it looks. To fully
appreciate the game, one needs to be aware of some of the prevalent cricket
rules or the finer points applicable to all matches. Dave, who is a
professional working with a homework agency offering assignment help Australia recounts his experience as a
child and says that when he started showing interest in cricket, the first
thing his coach told him was the rules of the game.

to be a pro in any game or just to be a healthy spectator, knowledge of rules
is important. So, here, we have come up with 10 rules to introduce you to the
famous game of cricket.

In cricket, there are always two teams and
22 players

In the game of cricket, two teams compete against one
another. Both of these teams have 11 players each on the field. Of these 11
players, one player is the captain of the team. It is the captain of the team
who has the primary responsibility of ensuring that at any given point, there
are not more than 11 players in the field.

Ruling of the umpire is final

At any time, if a player does not fall the directions of the
umpire, or balks at the decision of the umpire, he will be turned over to the
captain of the team for either immediate dismissal or any other disciplinary

Every six balls make an over

are six balls in every over, wherein the bowler will bowl the ball to the
striker. The striker might either hit or miss the ball, and irrespective of it,
it would be regarded as a completed ball. Once all the six balls are delivered,
it would be called a completed over.

after one over, the bowler will be changed, and now another team member or the
bowler will come forward and throw the next over. Annie recollects her
experience, saying that recently she and her boyfriend had to go for watching a
live match in the stadium but had an assignment submission too. So, they
decided to opt for statistics
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,and in the meantime, her
boyfriend explained to her all the rules so they could both fully enjoy the
game in the stadium.  

Duration of the game is negotiated

At times, the two teams agree to play two innings and then
accordingly limit the hours that they choose to spend on the field. Similarly,
the teams can also agree on playing one inning but at a reduced number of
overs. All of these decisions have to be taken ahead of the start of the game.

Professional cricket matches are fixed
duration games

Though these matches are called the test matches, they go
on for 6 hours every day for 5 days together. Moreover, since the matches need
adequate natural light, the playtime is mostly set between 11:00 AM-6:00

Batsman and bat both run for an over

the game of cricket, the batsman runs between the stumps along with the bat to
complete the over. However, even if he is unable to finish the line, he can
stretch via his bat to mark himself safe. Armaan, a professional tutor, working
with TrumpLearning,says
that he recently went to the stadium to see a match, and since it was his first
time, it amused him to note this difference between baseball and cricket,
where, in the former, the player tosses his bad aside when running from one
point to another, wherein in cricket, the bat has to be with the batsman while
running between the wickets.

When the ball hits the fence of the
boundary, it means four runs

When a batsman hits the ball, and it straightaway hits
the boundary, then the player gets four runs. However, if the ball goes beyond
the boundary, then the player makes six runs.

Overthrows could
bring extra runs

If the fielder is
unable to throw back the ball, the batsman can continue making additional runs
by running between the wickets. In case the ball rolls to the boundary, then
the completed runs are added to the four runs earned by a boundary hit.

Wasting any time on the field is penalized

We all know that a game of cricket can last for days.
However, to curtail any form of time wastage, a new batsman has to leave the
game if he takes longer than 2 minutes to enter the field post the fall of the

Field placement
is an optional call

captain of the team may or may not choose a field position for the team
members. It is an individual strategy and is done to best suit the team.
Chandler, a trained tutor, working for EssayWriter4U, recounts
how one time he went to watch the India Vs. Australia match, and was thoroughly
impressed by MS. Dhoni’s excellent field placement skills. 

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