Best casinos where you can bet on cricket in Italy

Although not one
of the most popular sports in the country, cricket in Italy has roots that go
back to the distant past.

The first cricket match of which we are sure was played in Naples back in 1793. The contenders were not Italian, but two crews of the fleet of the British admiral Lord Nelson.

We have to wait
a century for the Genoa Cricket and Football Club to be founded in Italy in
1893. In the following years clubs were born in Milan, Turin, Rome, but the
sport was soon shelved in favour of football.

In 1980 the Italian Cricket Association (AIC) was established, then in 1984 Italy joined the ICC as an affiliate member, and only in 1997 became associate member.

Today the national cricket team is part of the Italian Cricket Federation (FCRI), and is ranked 27th in the world rankings, and 5th in the European rankings.

Fans of the
sport have the opportunity to place bets on Italian and international matches
thanks to online betting sites

Although it is
not that popular and does not enjoy much media attention, cricket has loads of
fans, who also like to bet on the sport. Among the legal betting sites in
Italy, there are many international ones, who devote their attention to this
sport very popular in many countries of the world.

Placing a cricket bet can be an opportunity for fun and gain for those new to
this world. Maybe you will have more luck than with betting on football!

Snai and 888 two proposals to bet
on cricket

Among the sites made in Italy, which offer online betting Snai is
certainly the most popular.

Widespread in
the in the country thanks to its betting shops, it offers a very rich online
betting proposal. In addition to the most popular sports, Snai also dedicates
sections to sports considered “minor” in Italy.

betting is divided into sections: T20, T20 World Cup, India IPL.
We also find the
championships of New Zealand, Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

Snai’s platform is one of the most comprehensive available to Italian bettors.
The name is a guarantee, as it refers to a long tradition of betting in the
horse racing industry. These were managed by Snai, along with several racing
facilities, when online betting was not yet legal in Italy.

Among the
betting sites with regular concession in Italy, Snai is one of those with the
largest section dedicated to cricket.

online casino site 888
also offers Italians the chance to bet on cricket. Although not in the
foreground like other sports, those interested can do a research and find
cricket in the “All Sports” section.

World Cricket on Eurobet and
William Hill

The online
gaming and betting site Eurobet, part of the British group GVC Holdings plc, is
also very popular with Italian bettors. Among the various sports on offer there
is also cricket.

The section is
updated depending on the events expected during the current period. So, you can
bet on the meetings that are held all over the world. For example, at the time
of writing, odds on the One Day Cup in South Africa are available on Eurobet.

The player will
also be able to bet on the matches on the billboard for the T20 International.

Among the most
popular international betting sites in Italy is definitely William Hill. The
tradition of this English bookmaker crossed borders even when sports betting
was not legal in Italy. William Hill proposes cricket betting in the All
Cricket section, which is also updated according to the current championships.

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