A golden collapse

Why is Sports Betting so popular?

For as
long as people have watched sports, they have been betting on it too and since
then, it has turned into a billion-dollar industry with bets being placed on
anything you can think of.

Betting is illegal in many countries, but that
doesn’t stop people taking part, but why is it so irresistible?

Those That are Feeling Lucky

Logic is
replaced by the ideology of luck. The simple idea that money can be won by
simply choosing a favourable outcome seems like a no brainer, but the idea of
actually using reason while gambling is lost on most to the simple idea that
the higher the risk, the higher the reward and it’s all worth it if you’re
feeling lucky.

these high-risk bets pay off, that rush of adrenaline is reason enough to do it
all over again, let alone the boost in finances and even if the odds are not in
your favour, the thrill of waiting and anticipating the outcome of a game is
another feeling that will leave you wanting more.

People Seeking Rewards

brains are hardwired to seek rewards. Gambling leads to the production of
dopamine in the brain which makes you feel good and leaves you seeking that
feeling, again and again, enhancing the sporting experience. We get
gratification from immediate gains and even more so when that comes from an
almost effortless action like placing a bet on a sports game.

provides a buzz and the reward received from
winning a bet is not just money.

A Source of Income

it or not, people do use gambling as a way to boost their finances and not due
to interest in the game. A top tip for successful better is to take the passion
of the equation ad focus on making smart, logical decisions for the slow and
steady returns. Professional Gamblers earn their pay-checks by making these
smart and thought-out bets.

It’s Everywhere

You will
find it hard to watch a sports game or simply google the word sports without
being greeted by an ad or a website to an online betting site. Every year, the
industry of online betting grows and grows whether people were looking for it
or just stumbled across a site innocently, but never the less, the industry has
become so large due to its accessibility to everyone, anywhere and at any time
of every day. 48% of people who take part in better admitted that their reason
for doing so was due to its convenience, so the sites are doing something

It’s Just What’s Done

It would be a real challenge to find someone who has never placed a single bet before. Some may say they haven’t simply because they have never sat in anticipation waiting for their return, or sat at a casino table for hours, but it doesn’t mean they are free of the betting industry. For example, the Grand National generates an estimate of £250 million in bets in a single year, not too bad for Timeform and other online betting sites. This isn’t just the professionals or people who place bets weekly or daily, this spread from people who may not even watch the races. From people picking their favourite horse name, or prettiest uniforms to spectators just wanted to get involved for the day, it’s appealing to even those who have no real interest in the sports, just wanting to be part of the crowd and the atmosphere.

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