Five cricketers who have had hair transplants

Hair transplant procedures have become very popular at a global level. In the past those who had experienced massive hair loss would generally prefer not to talk about the way they have rapidly solved their issue, but nowadays more and more openly talk about the cosmetic procedures they have opted for.

The fact that people are more open into talking about transplants and the hair transplant specialists they opted for is also linked with the increasing number of celebrities who have undergone the procedure.

In the sports world, hair transplant surgery was promoted by football players who were affected by hair loss even at very young ages, but also by cricketers.

One of the cricket players who is known at a global level for the fact that he opted for a hair transplant surgery is Shane Warne.

At the moment when he opted for the surgery, his bald patch was not very expanded, but one could easily see the area where the hair was falling down at a rapid pace. Shane Warne is one of the most open cricketers with regards to hair transplant surgery and an ambassador of the procedure, who said that this type of surgery should become more accessible to persons around the world who confront with hair loss.

Another famous
cricket player who has had hair transplant surgery is Graham Gooch. His
baldness issue was included in the classic male baldness pattern, which starts
from the front of the hairline, and up to the crown.

One of the most
successful hair transplant surgeries performed on a cricket player refers to
the Rana Naved-ul-Hassan, a player who had a major hair loss issue. After he
decided to perform the hair transplant surgery, he obtained a head full of
thick, beautiful hair. A similar story with the one of Rana Naved-ul-Hassan is
the one of Doug Bollinger, an Australian cricket player, who also obtained very
good results after the surgery. 

Just like in the
case of Shane Warne, Darren Gough was also very open on the fact that he
resolved his hair loss issue with the help of hair transplant procedures. He
offered details on how the procedure went and mentioned that is was pain-free
and that it was resolved in only one day, providing results so good, that one
can’t even see that he ever had hair loss issues.

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