Cricket betting in Australia

Cricket is one of the national sports in Australia. Also, this sport is of great importance to the betting site where you will find the best deals for cricket betting in Australia.

There are now two main varieties of cricket:

Level 1 cricket is a time-limited type of match. Cricket with limited-overs Australian no deposit bonus casinos. This is a type of match, the duration of which is limited by the number of overs. To successfully bet on cricket, you should devote a considerable amount of time to a thorough study of the rules. The teams consist of 11 players and the point of the game is to score more points than the opponent. A match consists of several parts, they are called innings. Teams are served and received once in each inning. Often, cricket matches can last up to 3-5 days, while teams can be on the court for 5-6 hours a day, which requires a lot of physical endurance.

Types of cricket bets

Exodus Total runs – the bet is placed on the total number of runs in the match. Cricket glasses are called wounds Handicap Betting on the best player of the match – the bet is placed on the player who is recognized as a star at the end of the match Bet on the best partnership – this type of bet is highly specialized and is typical for cricket. The bet is placed on the partnership of two players who will bring their team the greatest number of equals per match.

Where to place cricket bets?

Despite the unknown nature of this sport, in most countries of the world, cricket competitions are held quite often. Some of the most prestigious tournaments are Ashes Cricket, Asian Cup, CB Series, Sharjah Cup, Sheffield Shield, England County Championship. The most significant cricket tournament – the World Championship is held every 4 years.

Features of cricket betting in Australia

Cricket is not a betting sport for which the expression “beginners are lucky” is appropriate. The more knowledge a bettor has about him, the higher the probability of winning. Too complex rules put of most betting enthusiasts, but the most persistent, ready to delve into all the intricacies of cricket, will be able to make god money on exotic sports. The format of the competitions has a significant impact on the forecasts. Each team gravitates towards its favorite tore, which snows the best results. Professionals prefer to bet live on cricket. The game lasts long enough and does not require lightning-fast decisions from betters. There is an opportunity to think, look and make a forecast based on your impressions. In cricket, as a rule, there are no pronounced underdogs, so the loss of the favorite of the match is, in principle, a sensation. Accordingly, the odds for the victory of a particular team do not differ much. The sport is not popular with professional bettors, mostly loyal fans bet on their favorite teams. This circumstance leads to good loadings of the lines and allows knowledgeable players to make considerable profits. Weather conditions are very important in cricket, they must be taken into account when betting on the game. It is because of the weather that matches are most often canceled or ended with limited-overs, such as the world championships.

How to bet on cricket over the internet?

Step 1: Opening a game account. Choose an online bookmaker and go through registration, which consists of filling in the fields and agreeing to the rules. The procedure takes a few minutes, however, when opening a gambling account with legal Australian bookmakers, you must additionally go through identification with BankID. Step 2: Making a deposit. Next, open the list of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds and replenish your account with the required amount using any of the available methods. Money is credited instantly in most cases. Step 3: Match selection and bets. Go to the bookmaker’s line, find the “Cricket” category, which will represent all the tournaments available for betting. Choose the competition, match, and after – the outcome for the bet. Step 4: Confirmation of the bet. Add the outcome to the coupon, enter the bet amount and place your bet. To bet an express on cricket, the coupon must contain two or more outcomes of different matches.


As you can see, cricket betting in Australia is quite an interesting and exciting process. During playing cricket you can not only have fun but also win real money. Watch sports of your favorite teams and make money on your favorite hobby, because now it’s absolutely real!

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