These are the new betting providers

For years, sports betting has been a trend and enjoys a high popularity. That is why more and more new bookmakers and betting providers are entering the market and luring customers with attractive bonuses and discounts. The current odds of the newcomers can also be seen.

The best bookmakers in direct comparison

On the current comparison sites on the net, it is precisely the best betting providers that are in high demand. The question is to what extent the newcomers can compete with the established portals. Interested parties have the opportunity to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages, the offers, the odds and the gaming options at, among other places. For users, it is above all the gaming experiences of other customers that are so interesting, because they give them an objective insight into how much the current offer is really worth.

A holistic evaluation is recommended, which is independent of the providers. Thus, the new providers in the comparison appear above all reputable and bring the necessary certificates and approvals to play legally in Germany. The operability of the portals is also a great challenge, an intuitive menu, a compact and clear game selection as well as lucrative odds are among the common strengths of the new bookmakers. Last but not least, the possibility of accessing the betting games online via an app is a relevant comparison criterion for more and more customers.

These are the most popular portals

One of the market leaders among sports betting providers is Bet 3000, for example. This is an established bookmaker that regularly comes up with lucrative bonuses and promotions. Thus, it is worthwhile especially for the new players to open an account. On a deposit of up to € 150, there is namely an up to 100 percent surcharge. Other very popular portals are betway, BETANO, UNIBET, 888 Sport and bet365.

Interpret the odds correctly

A solid odds level provides a basis for lucrative payouts should a win ever occur. The odds of a bet are the factor by which the stake can be multiplied in the event of a win. Accordingly, the bookmakers’ betting odds signal how high the winnings will be in the best case. Based on the probability calculation, the bookmakers themselves define their odds and pass on many advantages directly to the customers in order to convince them of their own offer.

Inexperienced bettors should definitely pay attention to the fine print, because often unusually good odds are tied to very fixed and complex conditions. At this point, however, it is again advisable to take a look at the experience with a bookmaker. If bettors have already opened an account and are dissatisfied with the settings, odds and games, they will express this in the rating.

The betting offer and player protection

In addition to the classic sports betting, which includes soccer in Germany, among others, the exotics and fringe sports also rank in a very popular area. Only if the new bookmakers manage to offer a diversified portfolio here as well, they will convince in the long run. In addition, many soccer fans demand to be able to bet not only on the first and second Bundesliga, but also on various regional leagues.

In this way, the fan of a team has the opportunity to closely connect with his club and bring his expert knowledge into the sports betting. Last but not least, security is a priority when it comes to evaluating a betting portal. Personal data should only enter the system in encrypted form so that it never falls into the hands of third parties. Furthermore, the reputable providers take their duty to quickly detect gambling addiction endangered behavior and then act to protect the customers and the players.

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