Possible Ways To Make Money Playing Video Games

The debate as to whether video games are good or bad has been raging since the 1970s. Back in those days, some even thought that this form of entertainment was the cause of specific psychological issues. Well, things have changed. Today, video games are an accepted part of everyday life. They have grown in popularity to where they’ve become a career option for some. It is no lie. You can make moolah playing games.

Below, we list a few ways that you can get paid for playing games that do not involve you being terrific at the activity.

Play Online Casino Games

There are thousands of online gaming sites that are home to thousands of advanced slot games that provide prizes worth a thousand times your bet. Guess what? Some offer no deposit bonuses and promotions with matching bonuses as well as free spins, meaning you can land big wins without even spending your money. If you land that progressive jackpot, your life will never be the same again.

But of course, if you land a reward, you will need to select a solid method to withdraw your funds. Trustly has become a commonly chosen method due to the fact that it is very reliable and secure. That is why a majority of players are searching for an online casino with Trustly and you should consider doing that too.

Become a Game Tester

Someone has to make sure that the games work correctly, right? Well, that can be you. Your job may consist of playing different games, making sure that they work as they should, jotting down bugs and reporting them to the developers so that they can fix them. You can start at the bottom of the food chain, working for a company that makes mobile games, and as you acquire skills, maybe you can work your way to one of the bigger game companies, testing out their multi-million dollar games.

Stream on Twitch

Now, this is where you can make the big bucks. Over the past few years, the top Twitch streamers make up to $5,000 per month playing around 40 hours a week. There are rare exceptions, streamers that make millions per year. But let us not get ahead of ourselves. The best part here is that you don’t have to be exceptional at the games you’re playing. Personality is what counts. You have to be able to connect to your audience. If you have charisma and wit, go for it.

Become a Journalist

I bet you didn’t think of this one. Someone has to write articles about games and review them. Usually, these journalists get access to the games first, before they are out in the world, available for mass consumption. Reviews are free advertising for game companies. If they’re comfortable with their product, and they know they have created something of value, they want websites to review their games. Positive reviews drive sales.

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