The Best Way to Bet on Cricket

Cricket is currently the second biggest sport globally, and since several tournaments are running all through the year, Punters have an opportunity to place so many winning bets. However, you can only win when you know how to bet the right way. This article will be your guide on the best way you can bet on cricket. At cricket betting online, you’ll get the most helpful tips for placing your cricket bets.

Betting on Cricket is pretty much like betting on other sports. Here, you require a certain amount of dedication, perseverance, finance management, and the ability to spot valuable bets. 

However, placing cricket bets online is not the same as regular casino bets. You can’t just register, make a deposit and place a chance with the hopes of cashing out. What you need are the proper orientation and skills. Let’s dive into how you can make the best of your cricket bets.

How to Win Money Betting on Cricket

Sports betting is not child’s play. And since the very purpose of you placing a bet is to win money, you don’t want to burn through your finances by placing bets that’ll make you lose your stake. It is where cricket betting comes in.

Betting on cricket is a very profitable venture. All you need to do is thoroughly understand specific trends to make forecasts. Because we bring you all the correct information on placing the right bets, here’s how to win money betting on cricket.

1. Use Live Streaming

In the course of a game, odds change. And that’s nothing to be scared of, except you did place a bet that is going sideways. To avoid scenarios like this, you can Livestream. Live streaming is a type of gaming that allows you to watch a game’s events while betting. 

It’s better than live text because live text comes after the event has happened. Let’s say you’re watching a game, and the possibilities are starting to turn around; you can quickly bet on who the next wicket will come from based on the happenings around you.

2. Consider multiple markets

Like other sports, cricket betting allows you to utilize several markets. Not only will it help spread out your winnings, but you get to analyze trends and minimize your losses. 

What to do is compare the current markets across several bookmakers and understand the potential odds. Instead of limiting your bets to who wins the match, you can explore other betting markets. Consider placing bets on options like a top batsman, the man of the game, number of wickets, and so on. 

3. Draws aren’t always your ticket

While betting on draws in games like soccer and other sports might be profitable, it is not a good idea for a cricket game. When there’s a test match, draws are a high probability. But when you want to bet on shorter games, do bet on teams with increased momentum. That’s the only way you stay winning.

Even in test games, the pitch can get poor and thereby affect your game. So don’t bet on draw too often, even when the game starts to drag.

Top 5 Tips on How to Win on Cricket Betting

Are you a seasoned pro or a newbie? Here are some beneficial tips assured to get you a winning bet.  While they may seem pretty straightforward and not secret at all, these tips, when implemented, will definitely up your game and increase your profits.

1. Bankroll management

No one likes to hear this, but you have to be willing to spend money if you want to make money betting off on Cricket. Having a bankroller helps you spread enough money cross winning bets when you want to utilize multiple accounts. You get to split your finances across various budgets.

Due to the risks that come with betting, your bankroll has to be a sustainable one, which means it has to deal with losses. So ensure that you have enough to cover your expenses and that your bankroll can manage all bets. In some cases, even pay the runners involved. Whatever your bet desires may be, ensure that you scale accordingly.

2. Choose the right bookmaker

To effectively place a bet, you need a sports bookmaker. This decision can make or mar your betting efforts. Let us explain how.

The wrong bookmaker will not allow you to win. Instead, they would put a cap on the winnable amount for the day or week and restrict you to small invaluable bets.

You should also look out for sites that offer you deals or more cash in return. Remember, the goal here is to make as extra money as possible.

Another thing the wrong bookmaker can do is that they never pay. It mainly happens with fake bookmakers. You have won a bet, yes, but the effort it takes to withdraw your winnings is impossible, or it doesn’t exist. It is why you should only use verified sites like cricket betting online.

3. Conduct a research

If you just want to bet for fun, then this isn’t for you. However, if you want to ensure you make a significant return on your bet, then research is the best way to be strategic in your game. You are becoming a professional means knowing the in and out of each game. 

Take time to study the weather, field, past players, and current injuries. Know the starting players, the patterns associated with each combination, amongst other information. When put together, this data gives you an insight and helps you make accurate predictions in your games. Remember, the more precise you are, the higher your chances of winning.

4. Use multiple accounts

When we say use multiple accounts, we don’t mean open all accounts under one book. That’s just trouble waiting to happen. What you can do instead is open them under several books. How this helps you is that all books are different when it comes to pricing. And sometimes, it can be a little bit of a competition in itself. Having about three or more books gives you an edge in using the best prices. And best prices mean lower bets, higher wins.

5. Be wary of bet pickers

Do you know how there’s that guy that swears that his bets are consistently winning bets? He even has tickets to show you that his last ten games have been nothing but wins. You think he’s out to help you. But have you stopped to think for a minute what he stands to gain when he teaches you how to bet? 

The thing is, most of these types of bets are usually an occasional stroke of luck padded with great advertising. In some cases, they probably just want to use you to make money for themselves. And here’s the thing, the more you don’t spend, the more you save. Isn’t that better than losing money? It is why you should be wary of bet pickers.


In conclusion, these are just a few ways you can make money betting on cricket online.

Please note that although these are all effective methods, betting isn’t all wins. On some days, even with the best strategies, you’ll be prone to losing. So sometimes, all you need is that stroke of luck. 

However, if you’re determined, eager to learn, and dedicated to understanding the game, betting on cricket will be a profitable venture for you.

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