Luke at what’s happening at Lancas-hair

By Joshua Peck

LANCASHIRE are running away at the top of Division Two but Luke Procter is making sure some things are still a close shave in the Old Trafford dressing room.

Procter is training as a barber, having passed his NVQ Level One on basic cutting skills, and is even giving his Red Rose team-mates free haircuts.

He sets up a makeshift barber salon in the toilet area of the dressing room at Old Trafford, having spent part of the winter training at Ruger Barber in Saddleworth, working under the supervision of tutor Alan Beak.

And the 26-year-old all-rounder, who is yet to play a first team game this season, is planning for a future with clippers in hand.

Procter said: “It’s not something I’ve always wanted to do. My mate has done it since he left school and he got me involved. I thought it was something that’s good to do while I’m still playing cricket.

“I’ve been doing it for six months, just going into Alan’s salon and he teaches me. It’s quite interesting and I’m still learning.

“The boys love it – they don’t have to get their cash out at the barber’s. Simon Kerrigan has been the worst, though. He’s not bothered what I do but then tells me I’m doing it wrong!

“Jordan Clark got his beard dyed last year for the Roses match and they know I’d be up for helping them if they wanted to get involved with it again this year.

“I want to get my own shop and then I can go straight into that when I’ve stopped playing cricket. It’s a bit like cricket in the sense that I enjoy it so I don’t see it as work.”

Procter has even cut coach Ashley Giles’ hair with the former England spinner impressed with the work done.

Giles said: “Luke was a little bit nervous but he’s very good. He’s got a good hairdresser’s chat and he did a very good job on me.

“He’s done most of the lads and it’s great to see him practising the skills he developed during the winter. He takes it seriously and it’s great to see him doing that.”

This article was originally published in The Cricket Paper, May 29 2015

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