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West Indies: Who are their most crucial players as of today?

West Indies, just like any cricket team you
can imagine, have gone through their fair share of highs and lows, both in
terms of emotions as well as scoring. Due to this, some fans feel like they are
not playing to their fullest potential, especially if we compare it to how the
team used to fare in the past.

Two-time World Cup champions West Indies, once revered as a
dominant force in cricket
, can still be a a dominant force if they
can make the best of what they’ve got. It’s really a shame that they can’t
please all of their fans, since their team is full of untapped potential. Not
only do they have some of the youngest blood among their ranks, full of
strength and thirst for glory, but some of the hardest hitters you’ll come
across to boot.

But today’s article isn’t built for
lamenting the times gone by. Instead, we’ll be focusing on who the key players
are as of today and what they bring to the table. These 3 players are, without
a shred of doubt, some of the sharpest tools in their arsenal:

1. The Veteran

Chris Gayle, the 39-year-old veteran, will
be playing his final year before finally earning his rightful retirement. This
year marks his fifth and final performance in the World Cup
series. After that, as he himself has announced, there will be no more cricket
for him. Looking at the home series against England that took place this year,
he is the man who managed to achieve an average of 106 runs. With a strike rate
of 153.60, his performance in the Indian T20 League was phenomenal. Will his
experience allow the team for one explosive push before he retires?

2. The Pacer

Oshane Thomas, the 22-year-old pacer,
doesn’t really have a huge amount of matches under his belt, but looking at his
performance in the matches played against England (nine wickets in four games),
he has a bright career in front of him for sure. The only question that remains
is whether he can prove his word against Sheldon Cottrell and Shannon Gabriel?
Be on the lookout for what he can deliver!

3. The Destroyer

Meet Andre Russel, the 31-year-old
destructive entertainer. With a bowling average of 80, he is just the agile
performer the team needs to succeed. Given the he claimed the title of the
‘Most Valuable Player’ in the Indian
T20 League
, it’s no surprise that the team relies on him so heavily
to demonstrate their worth. After all, who else is capable of achieving a
breath-taking 52 sixes in 14 matches? That’s not even mentioning the 510 runs –
who can get them at a strike rate of 201.81? If he can give it his all in the
World Cup, then we’re bound to have quite a show to look forward to!


These are the essential key players that
could bring honor and glory to the team. Will they play their cards right and
show what they’re made of, or will they give another lackluster performance?
Only time will tell.

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