Game of Thrones

Cricket’s Game of Thrones player ratings

1. Lord Varys – 2/10

Pragmatic and out-maneuvering on his day at the top of the order, but this wicket didn’t suit his talents or style. Bowled middle-stump in the fourth over for 3 and by all accounts stayed in the team changing room rather than rejoin staff on the pavilion balcony.

2. The Night King – 9/10

The bringer of power to all around him but in the end he was his own weakness. Sauntered into the 90s without any signs of nerves and looked well on his way to a hundred only to fall on 99 to left-arm unorthodox spin.

3. Jon Snow – 6/10

Played very well for his 31 but didn’t quite adapt to the variations thrown his way to go on and reach a bigger score. Questionable shot selections and calls for quick singles showed little care for his wicket.

4. Arya Stark – 9/10

A box office display in top-scoring with 186, showcasing a one-woman masterclass in quick hands. Despite her diminutive size and being untested at this level, looked a star in the middle and out in the field.

5. Bran Stark (c) – 3/10

Mr Know-it-all who made little impact and seemed pre-occupied bird-watching at Cow Corner than showing any real conviction in the field. Only contribution was his attempts to boost morale, though they were hardly emotional.

6. Melisandre – 7/10

Hair as red as a Dukes ball, she brought the fire when it was needed most. Steady advice out in the middle to continue the run-chase slipping away from her team’s hands completely.

7. Samwell Tarly (wk) – 6/10

An innings reminiscent of Jack Russell’s at Centurion in 1995. Remarkable steel, if a little bit of luck, to protect his wicket when it looked to be the end of him. Definitely on the last of his nine lives but can hold his head high for his 161-ball 22.

8. Grey Worm – 7/10

Showed the ability to lead with some smart work in the field. Protected the tail against the onslaught from the opposition attack. Stared whispering death in the eye and came through with a controlled 43.

9. The Hound – 5/10

Totally lost his bottle in the run-chase after a fast start and looked most assured back at the pavilion feasting on chicken and beer. Will demand more from himself when he meets his brother in the final.

10. Brienne of Tarth – 7/10

The team’s unsung hero along with 12th man Tormund Giantsbane. Held the perfect line and length with her right-arm fast medium pace to claim 3-83 and knew when to dig in to defend the team’s innings with astute back-foot defensive shots.

11. Ser Jorah Mormont – 8/10

The team veteran laid it all on the line from start to finish. Recovered from being overrun in his first couple of overs, to bowl much more economically and claim 5-71. Up on the honours board and probably a fitting end to a mercurial career.

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