Room 101 – John Blain

Odd socks
I can’t stand it when people wear odd socks, it drives me mad. It’s an OCD thing of mine, a couple of work colleagues do it and apparently I never stop telling them about it either! I just don’t see the point of it, get a pair than match and then everyone’s happy.
TCP Verdict: Odd socks are a badge of honour for every overworked employee in Britain, John. We’re going to have to tell you to put a sock in it.

The ball never goes to gully, or at least it didn’t when I ever wanted it to. The ball only went to gully if you bowled wide, so you were never doing your job properly if it went there. And if it did then it never got there on the full, always bouncing. It’s the most over-rated position on the pitch!
TCP Verdict: The dawn of t20 means scoring shots are like spokes on a wheel – there’s always a space for a man at gully.  

Tagging on social media
People linking me with things of Facebook should go in! They’ll tag me in things that are not very interesting, useless nonsense that I just don’t really want to look at it. I’m a reasonably active social media person, I like to see what’s going but my friends have a lot more of a high profile than me. They’ll normally find a funny video for me to watch which is usually not that funny.
TCP Verdict: We’ll hit the ‘like’ button on this observation, John, although you seem to be implying that your friends and their sense of humour need to visit Room 101, too…

This piece originally featured in The Cricket Paper, Friday June 17 2016

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