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Sam Northeast takes our Final Over quiz

On the Spot

Date of birth: 16/10/1989

Marital status: In a relationship with girlfriend Margot.

The Last…

Bat you bought/used?

My bat is a Keeley. Tim Keeley used to make bats for John Newbery but left them to start his own company, and I was one of the first ones to join and be the guinea pig for a few years.

Song you downloaded?

I’ve just downloaded the new Snow Patrol album.

Five-wicket haul or century?

It was in my last game, against Surrey at the Oval – then I broke my finger a few days after that. It’s always nice to have your last innings as a hundred!

Injury you had?

I’ve had an operation on my finger. I’m having a lot of physio on it at the moment, trying to get it loosened up. Hopefully, I can be back in a few weeks’ time.

Trophy you won?

It would have been when we won Division Two with Kent [in 2009].

The Jury’s Out

Tea or coffee?

Coffee – that’s an easy one.

50-over, t20 or County Championship?

I’d probably say t20 but, to give a politically right answer, I think they all need each other, if that makes sense?

Your last meal if you were on death row?

I’ve been having so much Nando’s at the moment. It’s just a cricketer’s diet, isn’t it?

Caribbean with the missus or Magaluf with the lads?

I’ll have to say Maguluf with the lads and hope that my missus doesn’t read this!

Time added on…

Who did you support as a boy?

I was up at the County Ground at Kent when I was younger. I remember watching Kent v Warwickshire at Canterbury and I got hooked on cricket from there. It was always Kent and Spurs – they’re the football team that I support.

Best coach you have ever played under?

Graham Ford would be the one for me. I always really enjoyed working with him. He had a great knowledge of cricket.

Who’s most nervous person when they’re next into bat?

I always seem to find that the coaches are a lot more nervous than the players. It must be a nightmare for them because you’re the ones playing the game but they’re sort of living every ball – the coaches are nervous wrecks.

Person to avoid after being dismissed?

I haven’t really seen anyone smash up the dressing room yet but I have seen Daws (Liam Dawson) come in and rant.

One rule you would change?

I’d quite like it if batters just bat and bowlers just field. They should have 11 bowlers and the rest just bat – what a life that would be.

Which TV pundit makes you cringe and which do you really listen to?

It’s hard to go away from the Sky lads, isn’t it? They’re always pretty good; Nasser (Hussain), Athers (Michael Atherton) and Keysey (Rob Key). They do a really good job.

Do you have any superstitions?

I’ve got loads – too many to say. If I play well and I’m listening to a particular playlist, then I’ll just kill that playlist for months. I’m pretty superstitious.

Hobbies? I need to get into golf because there’s a course right next to the ground at Hampshire. County seasons are so full on, so you don’t really get too much time to do other things.

And finally

Who is the worst dressed in the team?

I haven’t seen anyone on a night out yet but I did see Joe Weatherley when he was on loan at Kent last year. He dresses a bit like an old man.

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